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Hi, we are Mike and Teri Anne! We are very excited to share our story and begin our adoption journey.  Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Our friendship began almost 20 years ago through an online network of sports fans who loved discussing their teams! We spent many years chatting together online about our mutual interests and love of sports. In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy blew through Teri Anne’s home and Mike made it a point to begin checking on her regularly. We began chatting on a daily basis and finally decided to meet up for a date to a baseball game in 2013. We’ve officially been a couple ever since! After six months of dating, we decided that we wanted to be closer together so Teri Anne moved to Denver.  We were engaged eight months later and married in our hometown of Philadelphia in 2015. 

Soon after getting married, we decided we wanted to grow our family.  While we enjoyed living in Denver, we decided that being back East, where both our families reside, would make us the happiest.  We sold our loft, packed up our two pups, Gracie and Izzy, and purchased a home in the Philadelphia suburbs. We had difficulty conceiving, and after medical intervention, we learned that we would not be able to carry a child on our own. But we knew that we wanted to explore adoption! One of our nephews is adopted, so we knew from experience how beautiful adoption is.

I grew up in a large Irish Catholic family, the oldest of seven children, and now have 14 nieces and nephews! We spent a lot of time playing outdoors, and I was very active in sports, as well as an avid reader. We loved attending Sunday Mass and activities at the Church on weekends. I was an honors student in high school and earned scholarships to college where I studied Accounting. I have been an Accountant for 20 years working at places like a major design label, an internet start-up, and most recently a school! I love working at the school because it feels the most fulfilling. I love being around the children, attending their plays, getting to know the families, and being part of the community.  My dad works at the school as well as the Facilities Director, and it’s so fun to see how much the kids love to ask him questions and he in return makes them laugh – he’s the same way with his grandchildren who love their PopPop and MomMom so much! I feel so lucky to have grown up as part of a close family who loves being together. 

As a child, I spent almost every weekend in the mountains at my family’s cabin, playing outdoors. I loved to play soccer and baseball and could often be found either riding my bike or tinkering on the family computer. This interest in computers led me to the career I now love. I did well in high school and was excited to attend college in Philadelphia where I was a Dean’s List student and excelled in my IT classes. I have been employed with the same company for 20 years, and have worked my way up to Senior Architect, leading large multi-million dollar projects. I am proud of the work that I do, but also love my downtime, traveling, and spending weekends off at our shore home. I have become proficient at home improvement and enjoy doing projects around the house and learning new skills. I have also discovered a talent for cooking and love exploring new recipes and flavors.

We live in a very family-oriented townhome community. We chose it because it’s an end unit with beautiful views of the creek and wooded area behind our home. We often watch the wildlife such as deer and cranes diving down into the water. Sitting on the deck is peaceful and serene, and our backyard provides ample space for our dogs to run around. We love watching our nieces and nephews play there, as well as the neighborhood playground which is within walking distance! 

We purchased this home with family in mind. It has three large bedrooms and a finished walkout basement that Mike has spent time remodeling with our own personal touches. We both love to cook and decorate for holidays, so we also updated our first floor and kitchen with this in mind! Because our family is so large, it was important for us to have a big open space for everyone to gather.  

We live in a small town, and we love the small-town feel.  Our neighbors are friendly and our street is quiet, but we are close enough to walk into town to enjoy dining and shopping. We also love that we are close enough to drive to Philadelphia because our favorite activities are attending sporting events or touring historical sites. We love being centrally located to New York and Washington DC for the same reasons! We cannot wait to take a child to the Philadelphia Zoo, Franklin Institute, or any of the other child-friendly excursions in our area. 

We come from close-knit families and spend a lot of time together. Our siblings are our friends and we spend a lot of time with them, our parents, and our nieces and nephews. We live on the same street as Teri Anne’s sister, her husband and their two children! We are excited for the kids to all to grow up together as friends the way we were with our cousins. We are godparents and we love to spend as much time with our nieces and nephews as possible. They spend time at our home, and we host movie, pizza, and Wii bowling nights with them! 

Our parents are so excited to welcome another grandchild into their hearts and homes. Teri Anne’s parents love ALL of their grandchildren, and Mike’s parents are anxiously awaiting for their first grandchild to spoil. They often talk about having holidays and Christmas traditions with a new grandchild and how much it would mean to spend time with them – we think they are as excited as we are! Teri Anne’s parents live less than 15 minutes away, while Mike’s are only a little more than an hour from us!  We love going up to see them, spending time at their mountain cabin, or inviting them for weekends at our shore home.  

We are lucky in that we share a lot of interests and hobbies. Our biggest interest is sports! In particular, we love football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. We have been to numerous games in stadiums all over the country, and have traveled thousands of miles just to watch the Eagles play a game! Our families share this love of sports and we can often be found at one of our family member’s homes all together watching a game. The Eagles Super Bowl win in 2017 was our all-time favorite sports memory and we spent it with family!  

We also love to travel and have been to places all over the country and world! Outside of the country, we have visited Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Croatia, and Mexico. We cannot wait to travel to Ireland, Austria, Egypt, Australia, and the South Pacific just to name a few places! We would love to have a child to take on these adventures so that they can see different places and experience different cultures.  

As much as we love adventure, we are also beach bums who sometimes prefer to spend a few days relaxing on the sand, reading, swimming and napping! So, we purchased our condo on the Jersey Shore. The condo, which is located right on the beach, is a place where we hope to make the kind of memories we each had with our families down the shore growing up. We can’t wait to bring a child there to build sandcastles, collect shells, and enjoy warm sunny days and picnics on the beach.  

We sincerely would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about us. And thank you for your bravery in bringing your child into the world. It is with heartfelt appreciation that we share our admiration for you. Our deepest desire is to be parents and we often discuss our dreams of growing our family.  

Our promise to you, if chosen as an adoptive family, is that your child will be accepted, cared for, an integral piece of our family, a best friend to his or her cousins, a cherished grandchild, and most importantly, loved. Education, nurturing, health, and a happy home are our priorities for your child. We would like for your child to know who you are and plan to raise them to be proud of who they are. The level of openness will be up to you, but regardless of what you choose, our commitment to your child will always be in their best interest and they will always know about the sacrifice you made, and how much we are grateful for it. 

We wish you the best in your decision and while we hope you will consider us, please know that we respect you so very much and the difficult choice before you.